Abb Care Agreement

“Reliability and availability are top priorities for our operations. With ABB`s Turbo LifecycleCare service contract, all spare parts planning and maintenance is done on time, efficiently and within a fixed budget. This agreement gave me confidence in turbochargers, which allowed me to focus on other key operational needs,” said Pitaoulis. ABB`s optical platform for contact lenses, laboratory services and the company`s portfolio of business solutions includes: ABB Analyze, ABB Verify and Eyecare Live. LION looks forward to a long collaborative relationship with ABB as LION continues to expand its network in the U.S. and establish itself as the market leader in cost-effective eye care for its patients. Lori Landrio, CEO of LION, said: “It was important for us to work with a company that could offer multi-faceted solutions that help our network physicians run their business more effectively and efficiently. It is imperative to increase the revenue of each practice in the network while maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction through superior eye care, and ABB meets all these needs. ABB Optical Group is a leading provider of optical business products, services and solutions for the ophthalmology industry. ABB operates through three business pillars: ABB Contact Lenses, ABB The agreement is the first of its kind between LION and a leading contact lens supplier and will help LION purchase and track the volume, models and performance of each of its member optometry practices. These data points ensure transparency and allow members to save time and increase profits while focusing on patient care. Press Release – ABB Turbocharging has welcomed its 50th customer for its annual Turbo LifecycleCare service contract, as marine and energy operators strive to maximize availability while enjoying predictable maintenance costs and high-quality OEM service.

Full-service contracts, which are suitable for main and auxiliary engine turbochargers in the marine and power plant sectors, are based on a fixed price per hour of operation, which covers standard spare parts, wear and tear and work. Labs and ABB Business Solutions. ABB focuses on the future of ophthalmologists and helps them succeed by making practices more efficient and helping suppliers effectively manage market changes. Visit for more information. Dirk Balthasar, Head of Global Service Sales at ABB Turbocharging, said: “Our Turbo LifecycleCare agreements meet customers` needs for predictability and financial predictability. Through these agreements, we ensure that our customers can focus on the essentials of their business while taking care of their turbochargers in terms of service planning and execution – with a fixed budget and no surprises from day one. As an option for the lifecycle or digital enhancements of your contract, ABB lifecycle solutions and capacity packages can be added to most care agreements. In addition, cybersecurity packages can be updated with your updated maintenance contract. The smartest cybersecurity options, including robust reporting programs and maximum cyber capabilities.

. The self-service tier provides access to powerful tools, validated software and security patches, and on-demand technical support. Implement your cyber controls with software with advanced cyber capabilities to protect your connected assets. Media Contacts: Cristina Pasquino, 561-271-7240 your essential cybersecurity controls included in every care contract that provide advice on how to reduce cyber risk. If you don`t want to worry about lifecycle issues, the full service tier provides comprehensive lifecycle planning to optimize maintenance costs. For self-catering, you can streamline your maintenance activities and achieve safety with the self-service level of care. Advanced services and knowledge base to ensure that the control system is up to date and secure with the latest technologies available to extend the life of the system. Long-term service partnership with a dedicated support manager focused on lifecycle planning, integrated service delivery and a customized support model. The collaborative level of care helps you access the latest technologies and take advantage of new features to increase operational and maintenance efficiencies. Accelerated recall time (1 hour), basic system recovery strategy, and software upgrades ensure maximum device availability. A simple and structured way to support your assets throughout their lifecycle To date, ABB Turbocharging Turbo LifecycleCare has signed contracts worth approximately $125 million for a variety of marine and land customers. Launched in 2017, Turbo LifecycleCare has since given customers peace of mind that their costs reflect actual availability.

One of the first to adopt it is the bulk carrier Equinox Maritime, a turbo LifecycleCare customer since 2018. According to Technical Director Leontios Pitaoulis, the service also ensures the safety of high-quality maintenance by ABB Turbocharger experts. .